DIRECTV App Reviews

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I love that I can watch on my Phone and on my Tablet live and recorded shows!

When it works it WORKS!!!

Im a truck driver and for whatever reason my login wasnt working. I logged in the other day and; YES! My DVR stuff,Live news, games you name it...Im in People, and loving every minute...

Love it!!!

Great app and I love the free streaming with At&t!



Not working

This app was great but has stopped working completely! I have deleted the app from my phone twice now to reload it and start over to see if it would start working, it does nothing but say on a black screen that says DIRECTV.

For the most part I like it

The only thing I dont like is when I check the guide, like the movies, its hard to remember where you were when I go back in the guide


My whole family absolutely loves being able to watch their favorite shoes on the go.


ur app is the absolute worst crap in the world! it doesnt work! dont waste your time with this bs!!!

Doesnt work anymore!

Every time I try to load a local channel the app crashes. Ive done everything I can think of. The same problem on all my devices. This wasnt an issue before. So much potential to be the best entertainment app but falls short. Please fix this issue.


Why put out an app that simply doesnt work :(

Live streaming

I would give 0 stars if I could. Live streaming never works but the app will remind you that although the program cant be streamed you can watch it on tv. Ive only been able to live stream once, and it cut out mid way through. Dont waste your time.

Much improved

This is our second time as DirecTV customers and my second time with the DirecTV app. I have to say that it is much improved and much more robust than last time, with many access features that I didnt have last go-around.

Wont even start

Been trying for a week but just crashes on att logo. Even the app support link doesnt work on iTunes.


Better then bright house only thing I miss is anime network. Also they should update the layout for the app when scrolling through live TV when you click on something in it plays on a smaller box so you can continue to scroll throughout live tv you cant bc the box covers basically the whole screen.


Hmmm good, hmmm good. Thats all!!


No wonder people are getting rid of DIRECTV. This app works terrible for on demand. It plays , then makes a weird noise . When you restart it , it plays again , then makes a weird never. Repeat. Same thing. When you pause a show you have to back to the menu .. etc. youd think a company this big theyd be able to figure it out!!!!

Love it

Great app and love it

Direct app

This app is awesome!! It really is TV on the go, you can watch it anywhere on anything... made me watching my shows when I need to easier!!

NOT reliable

When this app is actually working, which is about 50% of the time in my experience, Id rate it maybe 3 stars. Navigation is a pain, and so is the upload time for shows/movies and the app itself. It takes forever to start watching anything. But the other 50% of the time, I wait minutes for the app and movie/show to load, just to have it freeze up and crash. Ive read this from other reviews and have tried everything from switching from iPad to iPhone, restarting device, deleting and re-downloading app, and nothing works. But hey, I might try again next week. Hopefully what I want to watch is still available. What a waste.

Playback issues

Wont store correct playback features says cant parse half the time or will start a show from beginning or wont load it at all.

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